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Estate planning & elder law attorney serving jefferson city, tennessee

While most people think it can wait, it is paramount that you plan your estate as soon as possible. No matter how old you are or how large your estate is, establishing wills, trusts, and powers of attorney are essential when it comes to protecting your assets after you are gone. I have decades of experience guiding people through estate planning issues and other elder law matters like Medicare & Medicaid claims & appeals, elder abuse, housing discrimination, and more. Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation today!

Attorney Randall Crossing

Randall Crossing

Attorney at Law

I am passionate about helping people. I initially chose to focus on estate planning and elder law after I helped my own grandparents and parents navigate many of these issues, such as outlining a will and getting approved for healthcare facilities. Whether you need to establish a will or have been mistreated in a nursing home, I can guide you through your situation in an effort to help you move forward. My office is located in Jefferson City, Tennessee, but I proudly serve people throughout the surrounding communities including those in Hamblen, Cocke, Sevier, and Knox County. People are all too often taken advantage of because of their age. That's why I have dedicated my legal practice to standing up for others and making sure that their voice is heard.


Treating You Like Family,
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Passionate About Injustice

Too frequently our society takes advantage of people due to their age. I have dedicated my practice to standing up for those individuals and making sure their rights are protected. If you have fallen victim to elder abuse, fraud, housing discrimination, or have had a Medicare or Medicaid claim rejected, I will be there for you every step of the way to help you pursue justice.

Celebrating More Than 30 Years in Practice

Many people say that practice makes perfect. While I may not be perfect, I have worked with countless clients on various estate planning and elder law issues since I began my legal career in 1989. Guiding people toward a successful outcome has given me valuable insights that allow me to help people just like you. My goal is to use that experience to benefit your case.

Estate planning: The basics

Piggy bank

maximize what you leave to your family

Your efforts through planning your estate should focus around losing the least amount possible to taxes, court fees, and other expenses. Allow me to help.

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should you have a will, trust, or both?

The main difference between a will and trust is that a will only goes into effect after you pass, while a trust can be enacted before you pass. I can assist with both.

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a lawyer is the best resource you can have

When working with an attorney to plan your estate, they will make sure no stone goes unturned to put you in the best position to accomplish your goals.

Turn to The "Elder Law" Office for Compassionate and Informative Guidance

Estate planning, elder law, and criminal defense matters may seem overwhelming at first, but when you finally make the decision to hire an attorney, you will immediately feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders. My office in Jefferson City has happily served people throughout Eastern Tennessee since 1989 for anything from drafting a last will and testament to defending their rights in a criminal trial. Not only am I extensively experienced, but I am also passionate about helping people who need it most.

If you live in or around Jefferson City, Tennessee and are looking for an efficient, caring, and flexible lawyer, reach out today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. I have helped clients from all over the surrounding counties of Hamblen, Cocke, Sevier, and Knox County — and I'd be happy to serve you too. I'm proud to be an advocate for the elderly and my ultimate goal is to do what I can to help them move forward. You deserve quality legal counsel, so call my office today to get the reliable legal help you deserve!